List of All Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu


List of All Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu

Here, you will find The complete List of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu who have served between 1947 and 2021.

Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu

S.NChief MinisterPeriod
1O. P. Ramaswamy Reddiyar1947 To 1949
2P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja1949 To 1952
3C. Rajagopalachari1952 To 1957
4K. Kamaraj1957 To 1963
5M. Bakthavatsalam1963 To 1967
6C. N. Annadurai1967 To 1969
7V.R. Nedunchezhiyan1969
8M. Karunanidhi1969 To 1976
President’s Rule1976 To 1977
9M. G. Ramachandran1977 To 1980
President’s Rule1980
10 M.G. Ramachandran1980 To 1987
11V.R. Nedunchezhiyan1987 To 1988
13Janaki Ramachandran1988
President’s Rule1988 To 1989
14M. Karunanidhi1989 To 1991
President’s Rule1991
15J. Jayalalithaa1991 To 1996
16M. Karunanidhi1996 To 2001
17J. Jayalalithaa2001
18O. Panneerselvam2001 To 2002
19J. Jayalalithaa2002 To 2006
20M. Karunanidhi2006 To 2011
21J. Jayalalithaa2011 To 2014
22O. Panneerselvam2014 To 2015
23J. Jayalalithaa2015 To 2016
24O. Panneerselvam2016 To 2017
25Edappadi K. Palaniswami2017 – Serving

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