International Astronomy Day


International Astronomy Day –

  • Every year, the Enthusiasts and Professionals like to observe the day of 2nd May as International Astronomy Day with the public.

Aim of Astronomy Day –

  • The aim of this day is to share their knowledge and love of outer space with people.
  • International Astronomy Diwas comes two time in a year, one in autumn and another in spring.
  • astronomical institutions, museums and planetariums make arrangements of seminars, workshops, and other fun-filled activities that aims to boost awareness about the world of astronomy.

History – 

  • In 1973, this day was first time celebrated by the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California Doug Berger. he worked to set up a telescope in busy urban areas. he did this because of boosting interest in the field of astronomy.
  • at the begining, the Astronomy Day eventuated on a Saturday between mid-April month and mid-May month. in 2007, an autumn rendition of Astronomy Day was attached.

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