Important Deserts of the World


Important Deserts of the World

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ContinentsName of Desert TypePositionAreaRemarks (World)
AntarcticaAntarcticPolar TypeSouth Pole1,38,29,430 square kmLargest and Cold
Asia, Europe and North AmericaArcticPolar TypeNorth Pole1,37,26,937 square km2nd Largest
AsiaKara KumCold Winter TypeCentral Asia3,50,000 square km 
Kyzyl KumCold Winter TypeKazakhstan and Uzbekistan3,00,000 square km 
GobiCold Winter TypeMongolia1,300,000 square km 
TaklamakanCold Winter TypeChina2,70,000 square km 
Thar-CholistanSubtropicalIndia and Pakistan2,00,000 square km 
AfricaKalahariSubtropicalSouthern Africa9,00,000 square km 
NamibCool Coastal TypeSouthern Africa81,000 square km 
SaharaSubtropical TypeNorthern Africa94,00,000 square km
Largest Hot
AustraliaGibsonSubtropical TypeCentral Australia1,56,000 square km 
Great SandySubtropical TypeNorth-Western Australia4,00,000 square km 
Great VictoriaSubtropical TypeCentral Australia6,47,000 square km 
SimpsonSubtropical TypeCentral Australia1,45,000 square km 
TanamiSubtropical TypeNorthern Australia184,500 square km 
EuropeArabianSubtropical TypeArabian Peninsula23,30,000 square km 
Dasht e KavirSubtropical TypeCentral Iran77,000 square km 
Dasht e LutSubtropical TypeSoutheastern Iran52,000 square km 
North AmericaChihuahuanSubtropical TypeNorth America4,50,000 square km 
Great BasinCold WinterUS4,92,000 square km 
MojaveSubtropical TypeUS1,24,000 square km 
SonoranSubtropical TypeNorth America3,10,000 square km 
South AmericaAtacamaCool Coastal TypeChile1,40,000 square kmDriest
PatagonianCold Winter TypeSouthern Part of South America6,73,000 square km 

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