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IELTS Speaking Band Scores 2024

IELTS Speaking Band Scores – The IELTS Speaking test aims to determine the exam taker’s ability to communicate in English. The examiner gives band scores for your spoken English language skills. In the IELTS Speaking test, You and the examiner will conduct a face-to-face interview with a qualified IELTS examiner in a quiet room. Examiners will assess your performance against four criteria: Fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. at the end of the test, Your Speaking results will be given as band scores which range from band 0 to band 9.

IELTS Speaking test format

IELTS speaking partDurationFormat
Part 14 to 5 minutesIntroduction,
identity check,
Questions & Answers
Part 23 to 4 minutes1-minute planning time
for 1-2 minutes speech
Part 34 to 5 minutesDiscussion

IELTS Speaking Band Scores 2024 – Assessment Criteria

the assessment criteria used by IELTS examiners, check the table below.

download the IELTS Speaking test assessment criteria

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