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IDFC First Bank launches Ghar Ghar Ration scheme

IDFC First Bank launches Ghar Ghar Ration scheme

IDFC First Bank has launched the “Ghar Ghar Ration” Program. the scheme is an Employee-funded program for its low-income customers whose livelihoods are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Ghar Ghar Ration is a unique employee-led initiative by IDFC FIRST Bank where employees have contributed their personal income to help those in need in these testing times. We are proud to be a customer-FIRST bank and be of assistance to them in every way possible.

IDFC First Bank’s ‘Ghar Ghar Ration’ program

  1. The scheme will offer the supply of ration kits to 50,000 low-income customers whose livelihood was impacted by the COVID-19 disease.
  2. The ration kits will have 10 kg rice/flour, 2 kg dal (lentils), 1 kg sugar and salt, 1 kg cooking oil, 5 packets of assorted spices, tea and biscuits and other essentials for a month.
  3. employees will deliver the ration kits physically In rural areas and employees will offer pre-paid cards worth Rs. 1800 to affected customers. the pre-paid cards will be used to purchase such essential supplies by urban’s people.

Employee COVID Care Scheme 2021

Along with it, the Bank has also started off a comprehensive Employee COVID Care Scheme 2021. the main purpose of this scheme is to support the families of employees who have lost their lives due to COVID-19, with retrospective effect from the start of the pandemic.


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IDFC First Bank launches Ghar Ghar Ration scheme 1
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