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Hyderabad Liberation Day On 17 September

Kalyana-Karnataka Liberation Day (Vimochana Diwas), Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day is celebrated on 17 September across various districts of Karnataka, India. The day marks the integration of Hyderabad into India in 1948. Union Home Minister Amit Shah actively joined in the ‘official’ Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day ceremony at Parade Grounds in Secunderabad, highlighting its significance.

Hyderabad Liberation Day – History

On September 17, 1948, the formerly Nizam-ruled Hyderabad state evolved as part of the Indian Union, marking an important moment in India’s post-independence history.

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Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day as a Regional Independence Day

Hyderabad-Karnataka region citizens celebrated 17th September as a day of regional significance, celebrating their newfound freedom and integration into the Indian Union. In 2022, the Government of Telangana decided to observe this day by designating it as “Telangana National Integration Day” or “Telangana Jathiya Samaikyatha Vajrotsavam.”

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