How to rank up quickly to Ace tier PUBG Mobile

How to rank up quickly to Ace tier PUBG Mobile
How to rank up quickly to Ace tier PUBG Mobile

How to rank up quickly to Ace tier PUBG Mobile

Every player looks for reaching the Ace tier in PUBG Mobile to be more skilled players and get bonus rewards. here, you will find the best tips to rank up quickly to Ace tier in PUBG mobile.

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1. Chicken Dinners

  • This is the first and best tip that may help in reaching higher tiers like Ace and Conqueror more quickly in PUBG Mobile. players will need to win the battles or have to remain in the top 5 positions in every match.

2. Taking more Kills

  • Users have to get a high number of kills in each match to rank up quickly on PUBG Mobile. if you get more kills in a match then, you will obtain more tier ranking points.

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3. Play with Your Teammates

  • Many times, players join random teammates. sometimes you can get eliminated at the beginning of the match that reduces tier points. so, players should join with regular teammates to rank up or reach the Ace tier.

4. Play safe –

  • A player needs to focus on survival time so you must ensure to alive until the end of the game. this way is one of the easiest ways to get the conqueror tier.

5. Pick a Landing Spot

  • You should avoid hot drops as doing so can direct to an early elimination from the match. Dropping at hot drops is quite risky for players because many enemies are expected to cluster around these areas.


Q.1 What is the fastest way to increase tier in PUBG mobile?

Survive in the match
more kills
Play with friends

Q.2 How do I reach the ace in PUBG mobile faster?

Players can get the ace tier in PUBG mobile faster the following steps:
Getting more and more Chicken Dinners.
try to get 7 – 10 kills in a match
Don’t rush quickly

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