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How to rank up in BR mode in Free Fire

How to rank up in BR mode in Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on mobile platforms, is a battle royale game. it has produced a massive player base across the world. some players look to rank up in BR mode in Free Fire.

Br rank mode in free fire

  • The BR mode stands for ‘Battle-Royale’ mode. in this mode, players often participate in-game events where they complete certain tasks to obtain rewards.

1. Joining with the same teammates/friends

  • The best and the first method is to play alongside the same teammates/friends in the Battle Royale mode. the move will help you in pushing their ranks.
  • Better communication can get you Booyah. when you play any match so you must always join the same teammates/friends.

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2. Play safe and survive more time

  • Every gamer should start the game with safe and try to avoid early fights in the match. this tip will help you in ranking up in BR Mode and will also increase survival time.

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3. Pick up a best in-game Character

  • The role of Characters is very important in the Free Fire Game. at present, the Free Fire offers 37 characters that have unique skills and abilities.
  • character plays a role in ranking up faster in the BR mode.

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4. Choose a best Pet

  • In the Garena Free Fire, pets also offer numerous skills that are very helpful for players to defeat the other players. each pet has a unique ability.

5. Use of push’s time

  • The push’s time is considered an important part while ranking up in BR mode in Free Fire game. in the beginning, it will help players significantly as they are less chance to get a lot of contention.

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