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How to rank push to Conqueror in PUBG Season 19

How to rank push to Conqueror in PUBG Season 19

A player looks to reach the highest level of the PUBG MOBILE that is the conqueror. at this level, players get fights with highly skilled players. but, here is a question that comes in the mind. is to easy to reach the Conqueror tier and How can I get the Conqueror tier in Pubg?.

PUBG Mobile Season 19: How to rank push to Conqueror

1. Gathering loot first

  • The first way is to gather loot. you need to select a perfect place to land where you could obtain enough loot such as good weapons, utilities and vehicles.Gerogopol City and Yasnaya Polyana can be the best places to land due to get loots.

2. Choose your Best teammates

  • When you are playing duo or squad mode to push your rank to Conqueror. it is the right thing to select the best team members. during the game, you can face hard situations where you will need a teammate’s support and cover fire.

3.Try to Avoid unnecessary Fights

  • The next way is to avoid taking battles if you are looking for rank pushing to Conqueror in Season 19. in the last moments, you can take battles against enemies.

4. Use of different weapons

  • You ensure to use the right weapons and should also choose other weapons in the game.

5. Use of accessories

  • Players also can use other accessories such as drinks, medicine grenades, frag grenades, Molotov cocktails, and other healing items to reach the conqueror tag/level in the Pubg game.

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