How to rank push quickly in Free Fire

How to rank push quickly in Free Fire
Image: Garena Free Fire

How to rank push quickly in Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on mobile platforms, is a battle royale game. it has produced a massive player base across the world. some players look to reach the Heroic tier in the game. players often look for ways to push rank tiers quickly.

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#1 Joining with the same teammates/friends

The best and the first method is to play alongside the same teammates/friends in the Battle Royale mode. the move will help you in pushing their ranks.

Better communication can get you Booyah. when you play any match so you must always join the same teammates/friends.

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#2 Push time 

It is also an important move that directly affects the players’ rank push. in the beginning, you can start it with fewer fights.

#3 Select the Best character

It is a very important that you must select the correct character duing the Rank Push in Free Fire. DJ Alok and Skyler are slected by players mostly.

#4 best landing spot

Chosing a landing spot is a crucial factor that determining a player’s duration of survival. players should not take fights early.

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