How to Get Season 33 Elite Pass Free in February 2021

How to Get Season 33 Elite Pass Free in February 2021

Free Fire gives a new Elite Pass to its players every month. In February month, players will get the Season 33 Elite Pass after the ending of Free Fire Season 32. the Free Fire Season 32 will be finished 31st January 2021. The Free Fire Battle Pass (also called Elite pass) will enable new rewards, loot for players and they can even level up the pass. The Free Fire S33 Elite Pass includes new Gun Skins, Backpack Skins, Surfboard Skin, Bundles, Banner, Avatars, and much more.

Season 33 Elite Pass Release Date:

The Season 32 of Free fire will end on 31st January 2021 and then, the server will be under maintenance before launching Free Fire Season 33. the new season will introduce Elite Pass (EP) of Season 33 (‘February 2021 Elite Pass’).

Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass Items/Rewards List:

List of Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass Items/Rewards here, New Season means new items, new rewards:
Item Badges
Pan skin 0 Badges
Jacket 10 Badges
Sports Car Skin 15 Badges
Banner 30 Badges
Avatar 40 Badges
Female Bundle 50 Badges
USP Pistol Skin 80 Badges
Backpack Skin 100 Badges
Banner 115 Badges
Plasma Gun Skin 125 Badges
Surfboard 150 Badges
Loot Crate Skin 200 Badges
Male Bundle 225 Badges

Free Fire Season 33 Free Pass Items/Rewards List:

Item Badges
Avatar 5 Badges
Jacket 40 Badges
T-Shirt 110 Badges
Banner 150 Badges
Parachute Skin 200 Badges

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