How to get dog tags in Free Fire

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How to get dog tags in Free Fire

With an increasing craze of Free Fire Game among users, the developers of Free Fire brings numerous unique features that modernise the experience for the users. in this article, you will see how to get dog tags in Free Fire and earn rewards from guild tournaments.

Rules of guild Tournament

  • Guild tournament is time-limited only.
  • During the event period, guild members can participate in Classic or Clash Squad modes (including ranked games) to earn dog tags. Guild members can team up and get extra dog tags. All the dog tags will be added together as the guild’s dog tag and placed on the leader-board.
  • Once the guild reaches enough dog tags, personal and guild rewards can be unlocked. After the tournament period, guild leaders can use guild dog tags to claim guild rewards; players can use personal dog tags to exchange for personal rewards.
  • If the player leaves the guild during the event period, all his dog tags and the dog tags he collected for the guild will be removed.

Guild Rewards

dog tagsItem RewardsHonor Reward
400Resupply Map x3Glory x500
800Summon Airdrop x3Glory x800
1250Scan Playcard (3d) x1Glory x1200
1800Room Card x1Glory x1800

Personal Rewards

Gold Royal Voucher20 dog tags
Gold x200040 dog tags
Summon Airdrop Playcard (24h)65 dog tags
Resupply Map Playcard (3d)90 dog tags

How to Get dog tags in Free Fire in February 2021

Step 1: Players can get the dog tags in the guild tournament.

Step 2: join Classic or Clash Squad modes to get dog tags.

Apart from player can join the game alongside their guild teammates to obtain an additional amount of dog tags.

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