How to download BGMI 1.6 update on Android & iOS devices

How to download BGMI 1.6 update on Android & iOS devices

The developers of BGMI have released BGMI 1.6 update today with a new mode and players can download the BGMI 1.6 update from the Play Store and iOS store. The patch notes have been released on 16th September 2021. players will be awarded two Classic Crate Coupons. if they update or download the BGMI 1.6 version. the new version will include a new update with a Cell Matrix lobby background for 60 days.

BGMI 1.6 Update

Game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
UpdateBGMI 1.6 Update
BGMI 1.6 Update Release DateCheck Below
Update Size

how to download BGMI 1.6 update on Android devices

Google Play Store BGMI Update 1.6 Date and Time: 16 September, 2:30 pm – 17 September, 3:30 pm

Step 1: Go to the Play Store and search for BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India. you can click on this link –  BGMI NEW UPDATE 1.6

Step 2: Next, You will see the Update option, click on the “Update” button.

Step 3: Your download for the BGMI 1.6 update will start soon.

how to download BGMI 1.6 update on iOS devices

Apple App Store BGMI 1.6 Update Date and Time: 17 September, 11:00 am

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search BGMI
  3. You will see the Update option.
  4. Click on the Update option and download will start.

BGMI Cash Rates

₹380300UC + 25UC
₹750600UC + 60UC
₹19001,500UC + 300UC
₹38003,000UC + 850UC
₹75006,000UC + 2,100UC


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