How to become a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile

How to become a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile
How to become a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile (Image: YouTube / Master KV)

How to become a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular game among players due to providing a huge range of assault rifles (AR) to sniper rifles in the game. just a shot of a sniper rifle can kill your enemy. here, you will find the best tips that will help to be a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile.

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  • It is important to keep crosshair placement on the enemy’s head while using a sniper rifle such as Kar8k, M24, AWM. you will have to adjust it to make head target.
  • However, it is not easy. every player tries to protect their head to deal with less damage. You will need to practice his crosshair placement in the training ground

Don’t peek for a long

  • players can also use the peek and fire option and can protect their bodies in cover. however, players must not take a peek for a long time because others are waiting for your peek to get the headshot. this tip is more important or is one of the basics to master.

Target enemies’ Head

Sniper rifles are used to knock or kill players. its bullets can cross a level 3 helmet or vest. AWM Sniper rifle is the strongest and damageable weapons In PUBG Mobile.

Here, you can see the Sniper rifles with their damage stats

1.AWM132 damage per hit
2.M2482 damage per hit
3.Kar98k72 damage per hit

Choose Perfect sensitivity settings

  • Here, players can use a gyroscope option to aim and change the sensitivity for a better gaming experience. you must have the perfect set of sensitivity settings to be a pro player for sniper rifles in Pubg Mobile.

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