HIV Vaccine Awareness Day/ World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day/ World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022 – World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed on 18th May every year across the world. it is also known as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. this day creates awareness and provides information about Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and its immunisation.

  • It aims to promote the continued urgent need for a vaccine for the prevention of HIV infection and AIDS.
  • in 1998, World AIDS Vaccine Day was observed on 18 May for the first time to mark the anniversary of Clinton’s speech.

World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: History

  • The speech of former United States President Bill Clinton conceptualised World AIDS Vaccine Day on 18th May 1997, at the Morgan State University, Maryland, the United States of America (USA).
  • On 18th May 1998, the first-ever World AIDS Vaccine Day or HIV Vaccine Awareness Day was observed as a commemoration of U.S. President Bill Clinton’s 1997 declaration.

World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Theme

  • The theme for World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022 is not announced yet.
  • The theme 2021 for World AIDS Day is Global Solidarity.

What is AIDS?

AIDS means Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. we will see the meaning of each and every word of AIDS.

  • Acquired – This condition is acquired that is a person gets infected with the virus.
  • Immuno – Affect of HIV Virus on the immune system of the person.
  • Deficiency – Weakness of person’s immune system and not work properly.
  • Syndrome – due to a weaker immune system, a person may also experience other diseases with AIDS.

Causes of HIV

HIV can be transmitted in the body through:
– Blood
– Semen
– Vaginal secretions
– Anal fluids
– Breast milk

Symptoms of HIV infection

  • – Fever
  • – Joint Pain
  • – Chills
  • – Muscle pain
  • – Sore throat
  • – Enlarged glands
  • – Sweating particularly at night
  • – Red rashes in the body
  • – Tiredness
  • – Weakness
  • – Unintentional Weight loss etc.

World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: FAQs

Q.1 Can AIDS spread via touching?

No, AIDS doesn’t spread through touch, HIV can be transmitted in the body through, Blood, Semen, Vaginal secretions, Anal fluids, Breast milk

Q.2 What are the Symptoms of HIV infection?

Symptoms of HIV infection are Fever, Joint Pain, Chills, Muscle pain, Sore throat, Enlarged glands, Sweating particularly at night, Red rashes in the body, Tiredness, Weakness.

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