Gujarat provides a subsidy for e-bike, e-rickshaw

Gujarat provides a subsidy for e-bike e-rickshaw

Gujarat Govt has decided to offer a subsidy scheme for electric vehicles. The scheme will help in encouraging to use more e-vehicles in the state. The State govt has said to provide financial assistance of Rs.50 lakh. the amount will be used in order to establish a charging infrastructure. the scheme’s purpose is to focus on climate change.


  • The scheme will offer subsidy support to students who are studying above Class 9 to buy two-wheelers.
  • individuals and institutional beneficiaries will be offered subsidy support for three-wheelers.
  • As per this scheme, One can get a subsidy of Rs.12,000 when he purchases a battery-operated electric two-wheeler and if he buys e-rickshaw or three-wheeler then he will receive Rs.48,000 as subsidy.

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