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Great June Uprising Unity Day 2021 in Manipur


Great June Uprising Unity Day 2021 in Manipur

On 18th June 2021, The Citizens of Manipur are celebrating the 20th Great June Uprising Unity Day. This day marks homage to 18 martyrs who laid down their lives to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur on June 18 in 2001.

  • The United Committee Manipur and the All Manipur United Clubs Organization proclaimed The Great June Uprising Unity Day to celebrate annually to commemorate the 2001 uprising and reaffirm the resolution to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state.

What happened on this day:

in the agitation, Some protesters fired on the Manipur Legislative Assembly building, offices of political parties, and several quarters of Ministers and MLAs due to which 18 people died in police firing.


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