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Google introduces a mobile video shopping platform Shoploop


Google introduces Shoploop platform

  • American multinational technology company Google is working to introduce a video shopping platform named as Shoploop. it will be helpful for consumers spot a product, get expert reviews and buy all in a only single platform.
  • Shoploop has brought features such as consumers get consumers. this platform will be more interactive for buying products than other e-commerce sites where users can just scroll via images, titles and descriptions.
  • Google also stated that Platform will provide product reviews from real experts people who are great hand at a particular area. Consumers will have two options either saving the product to buy later or completing the purchase of product from the merchant’s website.
  • Apart from this, A user will be able to share videos with their friends and family and can follow their favourite Shoploop creators. at the beginning, it will be started from products in categories such as makeup, skincare, hair and nails.

Google introduces Shoploop platform

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