Goa Govt to Launch a Common App for Entire Taxi Industry

Goa Govt to Launch a Common App for Entire Taxi Industry– The Goa government will launch a mobile application, which will be a common platform for the entire taxi industry in the state. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant attended a meeting with State Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte and State Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho to discuss the issue.

  • All taxi associations in the state will be brought into confidence while designing the mobile application.
  • The govt will release the app to everybody before finalizing the project.
  • In the last Legislative Assembly session, The issue was brought and the government announced to bring of a mobile app to bring all taxi operators together on one platform.

Goa Static GK for all the competitive exams –

Capital (राजधानी )Panaji (Panjim)
Formation (निर्माण)30th May 1987
Governor (राज्यपाल)P. S. Sreedharan Pillai
Chief Minister (मुख्यमंत्री )Pramod Sawant (BJP)
Total Area (कुल क्षेत्रफल)3,702 km2 (1,429 sq mi)
Area Rank (क्षेत्र रैंक)29th
Population (जनसंख्या)1,458,545
Population rank (जनसंख्या रैंक)26th
Density (घनत्व)394/km
Literacy Rate (साक्षरता दर )(%)88.70%
Sex Ratio973 (Female)/1000(Male)
Legislative Assembly (विधान सभा)40 Seats
Lower House (लोक सभा)2 Seats
Upper House (राजसभा)1 Seat
Number of Districts (जिलों)2
High CourtBombay High Court
Language (भाषा)Goan
River (नदी)Chapora River,
Mandovi River,
Mapusa River,
Sal River,
Terekhol River,
Zuari River
Stadium (स्टेडियम)The Fatorda
Port (बंदरगाह)Mormugao port
National Park (राष्ट्रीय उद्यान)Bhagwan Mahavir (Mollem) National park
Wildlife Sanctuary (वन्यजीव अभ्यारण्य)Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary,
The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary,
The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary,
Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, 
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
Mottoसर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखमाप्नुयात्
State MammalGaur (Bos gauru)
State BirdFlame-throated bulbul (Pycnonotus gularis)
State FishGrey mullet/Shevtto in Konkani (Mugil cephalus)
State FlowerJasmine (Plumeria rubra)
State FruitCashew
State TreeMatti Terminalia crenulata

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