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GK Questions and Answers on Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti QuizEvery year Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2. In 2023, The day will mark the 154th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, known as ‘Father of the Nation’ was the pioneer of non-violent civil disobedience, various peaceful protests and campaigns. Gandhi Jayanti is called for his ideals and his pivotal role in shaping the course of history.

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GK Quiz on Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti Quiz: GK Questions and Answers About Mahatma Gandhi – Top 10 Questions

Q.1 When did Mahatma Gandhi return to India from South Africa?

a) 1912

b) 1913

c) 1915

d) 1917

Ans: C

Explanation:  Gandhi Ji came back to India in 1915 permanently and joined the Indian National Congress with Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his mentor.

Q2. What was the main purpose of the non-cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi?

 a) To achieve a complete independence from British rule

 b) To Demand a separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims 

c) Tp promote communal harmony 

d) None

Ans. a

Q3. What occurred in 1930 as the beginning of Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience Movement? 

a) Jallianwala Bagh massacre 

b) Dandi March (Salt March) 

c) Quit India Movement 

d) Chauri Chaura incident

Ans. B

Explanation: On 12th March 1930, Gandhiji started a march from Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram. The Salt March put a stone at the beginning of the Civil Disobedience Movement.

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Q4. How did Gandhi join the Khilafat Movement? 

a) Prominent leader of the movement 

b) Against the Khilafat Movement 

c) Supportive role in the movement 

d) None

Ans. a

Explanation: Mahatma Gandhi gave his support to the movement as part of his opposition to the British Empire.

Q5. Gandhi’s ideology of non-violence and civil disobedience was heavily affected by the teachings of.

a) Karl Marx 

b) Swami Vivekananda 

c) Jawaharlal Nehru 

d) Henry David Thoreau

Ans. d

Q6. Which renowned resolution was taken by the Indian National Congress under Gandhi’s leadership in 1929? 

a) Lucknow Session Resolution 

b) Quit India Resolution 

c) Lahore Session Resolution

d) Non-Cooperation Resolution

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Ans. c

Explanation: During the Lahore Session, the Congress declared Purna Swaraj or Complete Independence for India in 1929 under the Presidentship of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Q7. Which is a vital principle of Satyagraha?

a) Infinite capacity for suffering

b) Non-violence

c) Truth

d) All

Ans: D

Q8. Which book is the work of Gandhiji?

a) Light of India

b) Hind Swaraj

c) My Experiments with Truth

d) None

Ans: D

Q9. Which was the 2nd Satyagraha of Gandhi ji in India?

a) Kheda Satyagraha
b) Ahmedabad mill strike
c) Champaran Satyagraha
d) None of the above

Answer: B

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Q10. Name of the person who referred to Mahatma Gandhi as ‘Half-naked fakir’?

(a). Lord Mountbatten
(b). Clement Attlee
(c). Ramsay MacDonald
(d). Winston Churchill

Answer: d

Explanation:  Winston Churchill referred to Mohandas Gandhi as the ‘half-naked fakir’.

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