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GK Current Practice Set 52 English

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Current Affairs is a group of two words. Current is a meaning that is happening or has been around us. We have news every day, in which current affairs are encountered. Current affairs are very important for every person, if he is a student or is preparing for a government job or has even missed a job, then it is very important to have knowledge of the current is. Today, if you talk about a government job, then different exams of current affairs are taken in every exam. In which it is asked that what is happening or is going to happen or has been done in our country, laughter is asked in the exams, the student who has all this attention or has missed it, can also pass the exams. It is very important to study.

Q 1. Is the first woman cricketer to complete 20 years in international cricket?
Ans. Mitali Raj

Q 2. E West Clinic is being established in which city of India?
Ans. Bhopal

Q 3. Which state has recently banned certain categories of pan masala?
Ans. Rajasthan

Q 4. Which Persid celebrity was awarded the most influential Swachhta Ambedder Award?
Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Q 5. According to Swachh Rail Bharat Swachh 2019 report, which suburban stations are Swachh
the railway station which?
Ans. Jaipur

Q 6. In which state is the Indian military exercise organized?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q 7. In which country is UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador Yalitja Aparrio?
Ans. Mexico

Q 8. Which is the rank in India’s Global Competitiveness Index 2019?
Ans. 68th

Q 9. In which city is the first day supported daycare recruitment center for senior citizens inaugurated?
Ans. Leh

Q 10. Which company’s mutual fund has been renamed as Nippon India Mutual?
Ans. Reliance

Q 11. Salwa Eid Nasser is in which country?
Ans. Bahrain

Q 12. Who is the first batsman to score two centuries in a test match as an opener?
Ans. Rohit Sharma

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करंट अफेयर्स दो शब्दों का समूह होता है करंट एक मतलब होता है जो हमारे आसपास हो रहा है या हो चूका है. करंट हम रोजाना न्यूज़ को पड़ते है जिसमे करंट अफेयर्स पड़ते है करंट अफेयर्स हर आदमी के लिए बहुत जरुरी है अगर वह स्टूडेंट है या किसी गवर्नमेंट जॉब की तैयारी कर रहा है या जॉब लग भी चूका है तो भी उसे करंट का नॉलेज होना बहुत ही जरुरी है. आज अगर कोई गवर्नमेंट जॉब की बात करें तो हर एक्साम्स में करंट अफेयर्स का अलग एक्साम्स लिया जाता है. जिसमे यह पूछा जाता है हमारे देश में किया हो रहा है या होने वाला है या हो चूका है इसके बारे में हंसी उस एक्साम्स में पूछा जाता है जिस स्टूडेंट को यह सब ध्यान है या उसने इसे पड़ चुक्का है वह भी एक्साम्स को पास सकता है. इसे पड़ना बहुत ही जरुरी है.


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