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Free Fire OB42 update APK download link for Android devices

The Free Fire OB42 will include almost every aspect of the game, like numerous character ability reworks, weapon adjustments, and guild system overhauls. You can check the patch notes listed on the game’s website, and the update has been made available for distribution on the virtual storefronts.

Free Fire OB42 update APK download link

Free Fire OB42 update APK download link
(Image via Google Play Store)

Click on the link to access the game’s page on the Google Play Store given below:

Free Fire OB42 update on the Google Play Store

Steps to get the latest Free Fire OB42 version through the Google Play Store:

Step 1: Click on the link provided earlier to open the game’s page. Besides this, you can manually search for the battle royale title in the store.

Step 2: Click on the install/update button to download the latest OB42 version.

Free Fire OB42 update features

Here are the essential features of Free Fire OB42 update:

  • Battle Royale economy balance
  • New item type: Device (Active Skill Card, Portal Go, Energizer, Mini Turret, Heal UAV Lite, and New Gloo Maker attachments)
  • BR Shifting safe zone and out-of-zone debuff
  • New CS Special Mode: The Epic Battle
  • Guild System Revamp (New activity system, level system, guild token, and store)
  • Snow-covered Bermuda Snowfields
  • Map balance adjustment
  • New Ignis character
  • Character rework and adjustments
  • Falco pet rework
  • Multiple weapon adjustments
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Loadout adjustments
  • System Optimization
  • New rank rewards
  • Map pool adjustments
  • Craftland mode improvements


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