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Flora and Fauna of Odisha

Flora and Fauna of Odisha – Odisha is located in the eastern part of India and is a land of rich cultural heritage and equally diverse flora and fauna. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Odisha’s biodiversity, showcasing its unique flora and fauna, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation efforts, and more.

List of Flora of Odisha

As we all know Odisha, a land celebrated for its cultural heritage, also boasts a vibrant assortment of flora that graces its varied landscapes. Here, we have discussed some of the flora species that flourish in this captivating state:

S.No.NameRegion of OriginScientific Name
1.BambooVaried regionsBambusoideae
2.TeakForestsTectona grandis
3.RosewoodForestsDalbergia sissoo
4.SalForestsShorea robusta
5.PiasalForestsKydia calycina
6.SanghvanForestsTectona grandis
7.HaldiVaried regionsCurcuma longa
8.OrchidsVaried regionsOrchidaceae
9.MangrovesCoastal regionsVaried species

List of Fauna of Odisha

S.No.NameRegion of OriginScientific Name
1.Olive Ridley TurtlesCoastal regionsLepidochelys olivacea
2.Irrawaddy DolphinsCoastal regionsOrcaella brevirostris
3.BirdsVaried regionsVaried species
4.MammalsVaried regionsVaried species
5.AmphibiansVaried regionsVaried species
6.ReptilesVaried regionsVaried species

List of Botanical Gardens in Odisha

S.No.NameRegion of OriginScientific Name
1.State Botanical GardenBhubaneswarVaried species
2.Ekamra Kanan Botanical GardensNayapalli, BhubaneswarVaried species
3.Nandankanan Botanical GardensNandankanan Zoological ParkVaried species

Sanctuaries in Odisha

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Odisha

Bhitarkanika National ParkKendrapara district
Simlipal National ParkMayurbhanj district
Satkosia Tiger ReserveAngul and Nayagarh districts
Chilika Wildlife SanctuaryChilika Lake
Balukhand Konark Wildlife SanctuaryPuri district
Badrama Wildlife SanctuarySambalpur district
Baisipalli Wildlife SanctuaryNayagarh district
Debrigarh Wildlife SanctuaryBargarh and Sambalpur dist.
Hadgarh Wildlife SanctuaryKeonjhar district
Karlapat Wildlife SanctuaryKalahandi district
Kuldiha Wildlife SanctuaryMayurbhanj district
Sunabeda Wildlife SanctuaryNuapada district
Khalasuni Wildlife SanctuarySambalpur district
Chandaka Dampara Wildlife SanctuaryCuttack district
Lakhari Valley Wildlife SanctuaryGanjam district
Nandankanan Zoological ParkBhubaneswar
Gahirmatha Marine SanctuaryKendrapara district

List of Major Forests in Odisha

Sal and Bamboo ForestsSouthern Odisha
Teak ForestsKoraput, Bolangir, Kalahandi
Rosewood ForestsVarious regions of Odisha
Mangrove ForestsBhitarkanika National Park

List of Threatened Flora of Odisha

Here is the list of Odisha’s threatened flora, each are struggling to flourish amidst challenges:

NameScientific Name
Vanda tessellataOrchid
Ceropegia odorataFlower
Habenaria rarifloraOrchid
Habenaria roxburghiiOrchid
Habenaria edgeworthiiOrchid

List of Threatened Fauna of Odisha

Here is the list of Odisha’s threatened Faun, each are struggling to flourish amidst challenges:

1.Olive ridley turtles
2.Irrawaddy dolphins
3.Saltwater crocodile
4.Indian pangolin
5.Fishing cat

Flora and Fauna of Odisha – FAQs

What is the fauna of Odisha?

The fauna of Odisha contains a diverse range of animal species.

Which is known as flora and fauna?

Flora is the collective plant species of a region, while fauna is the collective animal species.

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