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India’s first ‘eco-friendly’ cow dung paint launched


Eco-friendly cow dung paint launched by Nitin Gadkari

On 12th January 2021, Road Transport & Highways and MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari have launched the 1st cow dung Paint of India. Now, India has its own cow dung paint. the cow dung Paint will be eco-friendly and was developed by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

What is cow dung paint

The ‘Khadi Prakritik Paint’ is the 1st kind of product which has been considered as eco-friendly and non-toxic and it is having anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The cow dung is used as its main ingredient to make the cow Dung Paint. it is cost-effective and also odourless. apart from this, the Bureau of Indian Standards has certified the Khadi Prakritik Paint.

Khadi Prakritik Paint Forms

Khadi Prakritik Paint will be provided in two forms —

  • First is – distemper and
  • Second Form is – plastic emulsion.

Khadi Prakritik Paint Price

  • The paint will be available at Rs 120 per litre for the distemper and Rs 225 per litre for the emulsion.

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