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DRDO installs 8 technology centres for research


DRDO installs 8 technology centres for research

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has established 8 advanced technology centres. The centres will help in conducting research on futuristic military applications. it will offer their support in the move of new technologies for military use.

Key Points –

  • DRDO is looking for making to enable infrastructure so that futuristic military weapons could be developed.
  • In the point of view, a committee has been created and Prof V Ramagopal Rao will serve as Head of the committee. he is also Director of Delhi IIT. he will provide his suggestions so that The efficiency of the DRDO laboratories could be improved across the country.
  • The Indian Govt is also wanting to pay attention to make India self-reliant in defence manufacturing.
  • At present, DRDO has more than 50 laboratories across the country. such laboratories work on defence technologies such as aeronautics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, armaments, missiles, advanced computing, and naval systems.


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