Differences Between PUBG Mobile And FAU-G 1.0

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Differences Between PUBG Mobile And FAU-G 1.0

The developers have released FAU-G Game on 26th January 2021. FAU-G game will take place of PUBG Mobile in India. in this article, we will explain the top differences between PUBG Mobile and FAU-G. also read: nCore Games FAU-G version 1.0 official release

PUBG Mobile Vs FAU-G 1.0

Battle Royale Gameplay the last man standingan arcade-style mode
Linking AccountFacebook, Google, Twitter accountunique game account
Add Friendscan connect with friends via in-game ID or social media link.Can’t play with friends
WeaponsVarious Weapons
Layout SettingsDetailed control settingSimple control setting

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