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Dance Deewane 3 Elimination List Updates: 25th July 2021

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination List Updates: 25th July 2021

Dance Deewane (Dance Lovers) is an Indian dance reality show that is telecasted on Colors TV channel. The show shows dance performers, including solo acts, Duo, and groups representing any style of dance, competing for a grand prize. In this week, Dance Deewane 3, Fans will see the ‘Raveena Tandon Special’ episode performances of the top 12 contestants. as we know that, Papai-Antara and Somansh Dangwal re-joined the Dance Deewane 3 stage as winners of the wildcard round last week. In this article, you will find Dance Deewane 3 Top 12 Contestants, Dance Deewane 3 Wildcard Entries, Dance Deewane 3 Elimination This Week, Dance Deewane 3 Elimination List, Dance Deewane 3 Finalists, and so on.

Dance Deewane 3: Who are Top 12 Contestants?

Contestants NameGenerationSee Status Here
Sohail Khan1stIn Top 12
Gunjan Sinha1stIn Top 12
Aman Kumar Raj1stIn Top 12
Somansh Dangwal1stWildcard Entries
Presha Shah1stEliminated
Uday Singh2ndEliminated
Piyush Gurbhele2ndIn Top 12
Papai-Antara2ndWildcard Entries
Arundhati Garnaik2ndIn Top 12
Sahil & Anjali2ndIn Top 12
Ajay-Shilpa Phalke3rdEliminated
Pallavi Tolye3rdIn Top 12
Yogesh Asawale3rdEliminated
Soochana Chorrge3rdIn Top 12

Dance Deewane Season 3 Elimination

25th July 2021NO elimination week
18th July 2021Rekha on the set of Dance Deewane
17th July 2021Rekha on the set of Dance Deewane
9th May 2021Yogesh, Panvelkars, and Presha got eliminated.
23rd May 2021Papai-Antara and Somansh got eliminated.
5th-6th June 2021Choreographers Special week
13th June 2021Uday and Jamna got eliminated.
19th-20th June 2021– Some wildcard entries joined Dance Deewane
– Javed Jafari and Naved Jafri as the guests
26th-27th June 2021– Top 12 contestants will perform and
– Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon will be there
3rd-4th July 2021Performance by contestants in front of Bollywood superstars Jackie Shroff and Suniel Shetty.
4th July 2021Sahil-Anjali and Creative Dance Crew (CDC) eliminated

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination This Week

In this show, Eight eliminations joined the stage so far. but, two wildcard entries were seen by viewers during the Wildcard week. Papai-Antara and Somansh were received the 2nd chance to prove their talent and the audience is excited to see the duel.

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination List

  • Presha Shah
  • Panvelkars
  • Yogesh Asawale
  • Ajay Shilpa Phalke
  • Papai-Antara
  • Somansh Dangwal
  • Jamna
  • Uday Singh

Dance Deewane 3 Wildcard Entries

  • Papai-Antara
  • Somansh Dangwal
  • Saddam Sheikh
  • Creative Dance Crew

Reentered as wildcard entry

  • Papai-Antara (Reentered as wildcard entry)
  • Somansh Dangwal (Reentered as wildcard entry)

Dance Deewane 3 Finalists

The viewers will see the Dance Deewane 3 finalists soon and in addition, The special guests Javed Jaffri and Naved Jaffri will share the stage as the special guests for this weekend’s episode.


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