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Current Affairs Quizs GK Daily 7 October 2019

Quiz Current Affairs GK Daily 7 October 2019

If someone wants to prepare for all the current GK, then he can do the current government job and all the exams from the current website GK 2019, current GK English, latest current, etc. Student visit website, current affairs daily quiz. today Current Affairs gk 7 October 2019 Quiz. Important Current Affairs 2019 quiz , Important Current Affairs 2019 quiz  september month. GK questions on current affairs IBPS, SBI Current Affairs Competitive Exam. in this article , we are giving you best current affairs quiz and current affairs quiz questions


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Current affairs daily gk quiz

Q 1. in which nation, Prime Minister Of India Modi has started off metro service and ENT hospital ?
Ans. Mauritius

Q 2. how much Percentage of interest on House Building Advance has been lowered by Centre?
Ans. 7.9 Percentage

Q 3. Rajasthan has started inter-State portability facility with which state for distribution of foodgrains to beneficiaries of the National Food Security scheme

Ans. Haryana

Q 4. Where will be established of first e-waste clinic of India ?
Ans. Bhopal

Q 5. under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, which state of people has taken advantages most Cancer treatment?
Ans. Tamil Naddu

Q 6. launching a policy on Pneumoconiosis, which state becomes first ?
Ans. Rajasthan

Q 7. which state has got approval from centre to install its first SEZ act Sabroom ?
Ans. Tripura

Q 8.  in which city The 5th edition of World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy 2019, was taken place ?
Ans. Pune

Q 9. in 2020,the National Health Informatics Meet will be hosted by which city ?
Ans. Kochi

Q 10. which nation has given Spike anti tank guided missiles to Indian Army ?  
Ans. Israel

Q 11. Claudio Marchisio is a  ?
Ans. Footballer

Q 12. new Lokpal of Punjab ?
Ans. Vinod Kumar Sharma

Q 13. to whom was awarded with 10th Social Entrepreneur of the year Award 2019 ?
Ans. Dipesh Sutariya and Shanti Raghavan

Static GK Question 

Q 1 . Where is Head Querter of UNESCO located ?
Ans. Paris

Q 2 .Currency of Mauritius?
Ans. Rupee

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Current Affairs Quiz gk Daily 7 October 2019


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