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Current Affairs Quiz 9 December 2019

Quiz Current Affairs CA GK Daily 9 December 2019

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Current affairs daily gk quiz

1. Of which country, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is Prime Minister.?

A) Mauritius
B) Pakisthan
C) Sri Lanka
D) Thailand

Correct Answer is : A

2. For which age group children, implemented umbrella Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) plann is introduced by Centre which will help to develop holistic.?

A) 0-6 years
B) 6-12 years
C) 1-7 years
D) 2-8 years

Correct Answer is : A

3. How many Eklavya model residential schools will be constructed by Indian Govt in the country by 2022.?

A) 400
B) 500
C) 200
D) 800

Correct Answer is : A

4. Name of Railway station as 5500th railway station to get free Wi-Fi . ?

A) Mahua Milan
B) machgawan
C) Panna
D) Attara

Correct Answer is : A

5. Name of city police station as Topper in the list of police stations by Central Government ?

A) Kochi
B) Lakshadweep
C) Haryana
D) Andaman and Nicobar

Correct Answer is : D

6. Name of Bank that made a MoU to create awareness among investor with the help of Investor Education & Protection Fund Authority (IEPFA).?

A) SBI Bank
B) Bank of Baroda
C) Union Bank of India

Correct Answer is : B

7. How much amount of loan has been signed by National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. with SBI.?

A) ₹1000 cr
B) ₹2000 cr
C) ₹4000 cr
D) ₹5000 cr

Correct Answer is : D

8. Name of person that is named as Plogging Ambassador’ of India at 50th Fit India Plogging Run’. ?

A) Vinesh Phogat
B) Ripu Bevli
C) Rani Rampal
D) Ritu Rai

Correct Answer is : B 
9. Caroline Wozniacki is related to which sports. ?

A) Cricket
B) Tennis
C) Football
D) chess

Correct Answer is : B

10. New senior security advisor in the Ministry of Home Affairs for Jammu and Kashmir.?

A) Arvind Singh
B) K Vijay Kumar
C) SN Bhati
D) Tarun Vijay

Correct Answer is : B

Static GK important Questions 2020

  1. Currency of Mauritius?

  2. HQ of Bank of Baroda(BOB)?
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9 December ca Quiz  2019.

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