Current Affairs Quiz 5 January 2020 Daily Gk Quiz

Quiz Current Affairs CA GK Daily 5 January 2020

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Current affairs daily gk quiz

1. Who becomes as Chairman of National Medical Commission?

A) G Gopinath
B) Suresh Chandra Sharma
C) MK Singh
D) Badrinath Prasad

Answer: B.

2.  Who received best men’s player at Dubai Globe Soccer Awards?

A) Neymar
B) Christino Ronaldo
C) Sunil Chettri
D) Lionel Messi

Correct Answer is : B.

3. Who becomes no.1 in the U-21 category in latest rankings by ITTF?

A) Aditya Rai
B) Kamal Singh
C) G Sathiyan
D) Manav Thakkar

Correct Answer is : D

4. 2020 as international year of nurse and midwife by which?


Correct Answer is : A

5.  Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has opened first “Patola Saree” silk processing plant in which state?

A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Assam
C) Gujarat
D) Sikkim

Correct Answer is : C

6. new emerging and strategic technologies (NEST) division will be set up, announced by Which ministry?

A) Ministry of Rural Development
B) Ministry of Human Resource
C) Ministry of Defence
D) Ministry of External Affairs

Correct Answer is : D

7. To investigate allegations against ex-Allahabad University VC RattanLal Hangloo, a committee is formed and who will be its head?

A) DP Singh
B) Mahesh Jain
C) Suchitra Singh
D) Lal Bahadur Singh

Correct Answer is : A

8. Cyber Safe Women’ an initiative begun by which state?

A) Kerala
B) Maharashtra
C) TamilNadu
D) Karnataka

Correct Answer is : B

9. Which state decides to celebrate 2020 as the ‘Sushasan Sankalp Varsh’?

A) Haryana
B) Maharashtra
C) WestBengal
D) Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer is : A

10. To bring transparency in real estate sector, K-RERA is launched by Which state govt ?

A) Maharashtra
B) Karnataka
C) TamilNadu
D) Kerala

Correct Answer is : D
Current Affairs Quiz 5 January 2020 Daily Gk Quiz

Static GK important Questions 2020

  1. HQ of Khadi and Village Industry Commission?
    A) Lucknow
    B) Chennai
    C) Mumbai
    D) Delhi

  2. HQ of World Health Organisation?
    A) NewYork
    B) Paris
    C) Rome
    D) Geneva

  3. HQ of Bank of Baroda?
    A) Lucknow
    B) Chennai
    C) Vadodara
    D) Mumbai

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5 January 2020 ca Quiz . Daily Gk Quiz 2020

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