Current Affairs Quiz 5 December 2019

Quiz Current Affairs CA GK Daily 5 December 2019

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Current affairs daily gk quiz

1. International Volunteer Day comes on which day.?

A)December 1
B)December 3
C)December 4
D)December 5

Correct Answer is : D

2. World Soil Day comes on which day.?

A) December 4
B) December 5
C) December 6
D) December 7
E) December 8

Correct Answer is : B 

3. When,  a System to manage Political Parties Registration Tracking, EC is to be begun it.?

A) 31 March
B) 15 February
C) 1 January
D) 28 February
E) 20 January

Correct Answer is : C 

4. In which city, The establishment of first maritime museum. ?

A) Gujarat
B) New Delhi
C) Sikkim
D) Manipur
E) Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer is : A

5. WEF has made partnership to design pilot on Electric Vehicles ecosystem with which state of india. ?

A) Haryana
B) New Delhi
C) Bihar
D) Punjab
E) Assam

Correct Answer is : D

6. Name of app launched by Odisha that will help students to understand subjects .?

A) Gyan
B) Manu
C) Madhu
D) Madhav
E) Shiksha

Correct Answer is : C

7. Current repo rate.?

A) 5.25 %
B) 5.15 %
C) 5.65 %
D) 5.50 %
E) 5.35 %

Correct Answer is : B

8. Who is next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Costa Rica. ?

A) Ajay Rohtagi
B) Rupa Mehta
C) Bharkha Aggarwal
D) Ajay Bisht
E) Upender Singh Rawat

Correct Answer is : E
9. who is as PETA Person of the Year?

A) Robert Downey Jr.
B) Chriss Pratt
C) Joaquin Phoenix
D) Scarlett Johansson
E) Chris Evans

Correct Answer is : C

10. the ET Lifetime of Public Service Award for Public Service winner.?

A) Narendra Modi
B) Smriti Irani
C) Amit Shah
D) Arun Jaitley
E) Nitin Gadkari

Correct Answer is : D 

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  1. Capital of Sweden?

  2. HQ of FIFA?

  3. Currency of Finland?
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5 December ca Quiz  2019.

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