Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 139

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 139: Computer Knowledge is considered as one of the most mark taker and easy sections in all the Competitive such as Government, Bank, and IT Jobs. in this article, we have provided a set of Computer Knowledge Online Test questions that contains Computer Knowledge including Basics of Computer, Data structure (DS), Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows and other related questions are here.

Computer Awareness Quiz

Q.1 GUI stands for

A) General User Interface
B) Graphic User Interface
C) Graphic Used Interface
D) Graphical User Interface

Q.2 Which command is used to select the whole text?

A) Ctrl + A
B) Ctrl + C
C) Ctrl + V
D) None

Q.3. Which language is used for web pages?

A) C++
C) Fortran

Q.4 Program to see a web page is called

A) Browser
B) Navigator
C) Messanger
D) None

Q.5 In HTTP, “H” stands for

A) High
B) Hyper
C) Human
D) Hot

Q.6 Which is the correct email address?

B) RAM@com.gamil
D) None

Q.7. Which command is used to paste the text?

A) Ctrl + A
B) Ctrl + C
C) Ctrl + V
D) None

Q.8 Which is the shortcut key is used for “Print”?

A) Ctrl + A
B) Ctrl + C
C) Ctrl + P
D) Alt + P

Q.9 Which is not a network structure?

A) Star
B) Ring
C) Bit
D) Bus

Q.10 The base number of the octal?

A) 2
B) 8
C) 10
D) 16

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