COD Mobile Season 1: New Weapons and Features

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COD Mobile Season 1: New Weapons and Features

The developers have released COD Mobile Season 1 which includes new in-game features, new battle pass, game modes, map, and weapons. In this article, we will find what’s new features, Free rewards, new game modes, map, weapon in COD Mobile Season 1.

New features, weapons and Map, Rewards in COD Mobile Season 1

1.New Multiplayer Mapsmall map
2.New WeaponsFR5.56,
3.New Game Mode40 people match mode
3v3 gunfight and a 20 player attack of the undead mode
4.Battle Pass50 tiers of customisation items to earn

free items to unlock

  • Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun at Tier 14,
  • Tactics like the Flashbang Grenade – Light Show at Tier 28
  • Concussion Grenade – Light Show at Tier 34
  • Free credits on the road to Tier 50

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