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Best 3 ways to get Free Fire diamonds in May 2021

Best 3 ways to get Free Fire diamonds in May 2021

In Free Fire Game, Players always search for in-game currency i.e. Diamonds. using Diamonds, players can purchase various in-game items, accessories, characters, and pets. However, to obtain such items, players have to spend real money to get the Free Fire Diamonds. some players can not afford money to buy Free Fire Diamonds, so, they become pensive.

in this article, you will come to know the best 3 ways or methods to get Free Fire Diamonds for free in May 2021.

Top 3 ways or methods: How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire in May 2021

Here, you will see the three ways that may help players to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire:

1. Giveaways

There are many Free Fire YouTubers Content creators and Instagram pages that offer giveaways to players. however, they select users randomly for giveaways.

2. Free Fire In-game Events

  • There is another way is In-game events. players can claim Free Fire Diamonds for free In-game events and Diamonds are directly credited to the account of the players.
  • However, players will have to complete In-game events and can also watch ads in-game for getting free Diamonds.

3. Through Google Opinion Rewards

  • Another way is Google Opinion Rewards, players will have to complete simple surveys and as a result, a player is provided Play Credit. along with it, users can use other apps such as Poll Pay: Earn money & free gift cards cash app, and Easy Rewards.

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