Autistic Pride Day 2020

Autistic Pride Day 2020

  • Every year, the 18th June is observed as Autistic Pride Day across the world. this day aims to respect the rights of persons with autism. in the year 2005, Aspies celebrated the first ever autistic pride day in Brazil for Freedom (AFF) created by Gareth & Amy Nelson and later, this day became as a global event. A rainbow infinity symbol is used that represents infinite possibilities in the lives of autistic people.
  • On May 2014, The World Health Assembly(WHA) takes the resolution “Comprehensive and coordinated efforts for the management of autism spectrum disorders(ASD)” with the help of WHO.

About World Health Assembly (WHA) –
Headquarters : Geneva, Switzerland
Chairperson: Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Founded: 1998

About WHO –
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Founded: 7 April 1948

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