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Arunachal Pradesh Static Gk

Arunachal Pradesh Static Gk –

Important Points About Arunachal Pradesh – In this article, we are going to explain about history, economy, important sites and places, tourist places in state, state flower, Animal, bird, tree and so on. Read the complete article to prepare for exams.

Arunachal Pradesh Static Gk

Statehood 20 February 1987
Union territory State 21 January 1972
Capital Itanagar
Largest City Itanagar
Total Districts 25 (twenty five)
Governor B.D. Mishra
Chief Minister Pema Khandu (BJP)
High Court  Guwahati High Court
Total Area 83,743 km (32,333 sq mi)
Area Rank (India) 14th
Literacy 66.95 per cent
State Animal Gayal (Mithun)
State Bird Great Hornbill
State Flower Lady Slipper Orchid
State Tree Hollong
highest peak Kangto (7,060 metres (23,160 ft))
Art And Craft
  • weaving,
  • carpet making,
  • wood carving,
  • painting,
  • pottery,
  • ornament making,
  • cane and bamboo work,
Major rivers
  • Kameng,
  • Subansiri,
  • Siang (Brahmaputra),
  • Dibang,
  • Lohit and Noa Dihing
Food Rics and Meat
  • Losar,
  • Solung,
  • Boori-Boot,
  • Mopin,
  • Dree,
  • Nyokum,
  • Reh,
  • Si-Donyi
  • Aji Lamu,
  • Chalo,
  • Hiirii Khaniing,
  • Popir, Ponung,
  • Pasi Kongki,
  • Rekham Pada,
  • Roppi,
  • Lion
  • Peacock dance.
main occupation Agriculture
National Parks
  • Mouling National Park
  • Namdapha National Park
Wildlife Sanctuaries 
  • Yordi-Rabe Supse Wild Life Sanctuary,
  • Tale Valley  Wild Life Sanctuary,
  • Sessa Orchid  Wild Life Sanctuary,
  • Pakhui/ Pakke  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Mehao  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Kamlang  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Eaglenest  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Itanagar  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Dibang  Wild Life Sanctuary
  • D’Ering Memorial (Lali)  Wild Life Sanctuary
Historical Places
  • Ita Fort
  • Hari Yasi Sukung
  • Sally Lake, Roing
International Border China

Arunachal Pradesh Static Gk

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