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Arjun Munda begins “Shramshakti” Portal for Migrant Workers


Arjun Munda begins Shramshakti Portal for Migrant Workers

On 22nd January 2021, Shri Arjun Munda Ji has launched a National Migration Support Portal named “ShramShakti”. Arjun Munda launched ShramShakti National Migration Support Portal during an event held at Panjim, Goa. he also launchedShramSaathi, a training manual for migrant workers.
  • It will play a role in the smooth formulation of state and national level programs for migrant workers.
  • Shram Shakti portal will collect data of migrant workers who are finding jobs and income generation.

Shramshakti Digital Portal Significance-

  • The main purpose of The ‘ShramShakti’ digital portal is to address the data gap and also empower migrant workers.
  • it will also build a link between government and migrant population for existing welfare schemes of both state and central governments.

Features of National Tribal Migration Support Portal

  • It will create a database of all migrant workers.
  • People can ask questions on Digital Portal.

Shramshakti Digital Portal Website –



Q.1 What is ShramSaathi?

“ShramSaathi” is a training manual for migrant workers.

Q.2 Who has launched Shramshakti Portal for Migrant Workers?

Shri Arjun Munda Ji has launched a National Migration Support Portal named “ShramShakti”.
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