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All Saints’ Day 2023: History and Significance

All Saints’ Day 2023: History and Significance – All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day, the Feast of All Saints, the Feast of All Hallows, the Solemnity of All Saints, and Hallowmas, is a Christian solemnity observed in honour of all the saints of the Church. The day comes a day before All Souls’ Day and a day after All Hallows’ Eve.

All Saints’ Day 2023: Date

As per the Western Church calendar, Christians observe All Saints’ Day on November 1 each year. However, Christians following the Eastern Orthodox Church think that All Saints’ Day falls on the 1st Sunday after Pentecost – sometime between early June and early July.

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All Saints’ Day 2023: History

It is believed that Pope Boniface IV declared a feast day on May 13 609 AD. The Pantheon in Rome was proclaimed sacred to the Virgin Mary and all the martyrs. Pope Gregory III, during his reign, chose the day of November 1.

All Saints’ Day 2023; Details

Also calledAll Hallows’ Day
Feast of All Saints
Feast of All Hallows
Solemnity of All Saints
Observed byCatholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Lutheran Churches
Anglican Communion
Methodist Churches
Church of the Nazarene
Reformed Churches
Philippine Independent Church
Other Christian denominations
Date1 November (Western Christianity)
Sunday after Pentecost (Eastern Christianity)
Liturgical colorWhite (Western Christianity)
Green (Eastern Christianity)


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