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After leaving from Bigg Boss 14, Vikas Gupta shared the video, said- ‘I made a mistake’

News Delhi 16 December: Vikas Gupta has published a movie after departing’Bigg Boss-14′ on Monday. From the movie, Vikas says that he wants some time to comprehend exactly what occurred to him. Aside from that, Vikas reported he obtained the punishment because of his mistake.

Vikas says in the video, ‘Hello all of you, yes I have come out of the Bigg Boss house. I imprisoned myself in one place. I am alone and trying to understand what happened to me. I spoke a lot. I cried after seeing myself. ‘

Vikas further says, ‘Time makes many things. Let’s do our own heart. Therefore, we have to see the path of happiness by ourselves. I too am about to find a way, I know I will find it. This is right. I made a mistake, which got me punished. Rest, we all pray and pray that good things happen to all of us. I am not disappointed at all and you guys should not be upset.

Along with the video, Vikas wrote the caption – ‘Life is not easy yet we will win. Thank you all for your love. Let’s find other opportunities that we need. ‘

Vikas Gupta entered ‘Bigg Boss-14’ as a challenger this month. Arshi Khan also entered the show as a challenger. Ever since her entry into Bigg Boss house, Arshi has been provoking Vikas, to which she never reacted. However, after dragging Vikas’s family into conversation, in Monday’s episode, Vikas lost his temper and pushed him into the swimming pool and dropped.

After which Bigg Boss announced that Vikas will no longer be a part of the show due to physical advancement. Also Bigg Boss sentenced Arshi to make Vikas angry.


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