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Accelerate Vigyan Scheme by SERB

Accelerate Vigyan Scheme by SERB

  • The Union Government’s Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) has started off a scheme named as Accelerate Vigyan (AV). it aims to encourage high-end scientific research and prepare scientific manpower which will lead to research careers and knowledge based economy.

You Can also visit Portal:-  www.acceleratevigyan.gov.in

highlights :

  • it will provide help in training on national scale and also will identify research potential, mentors.
  • The scheme will provide opportunities to almost 25000 doctoral PG students in upcoming five years. and also will set up 10,000 High-end Workshops.
  • In order to attain early success, SERB is going to launch an application.
  • SERB has already called applications for the process under ABHYAAS scheme for Winter.
  • Accelerate Vigyan (AV) Scheme is working on mission mode.
  • In order to provide supportsto SERB, The Inter-Ministerial Overseeing Committee (IMOC) has involved scientific ministries and countries. so that AV implemention will be successfully done.
  • The AV scheme is also looking for to garner social responsibility for the scientific community.
  • Under Av scheme, SAMMOHAN is a new component which has been classified into ‘SAYONJIKA’ and ‘SANGOSHTI’.

Goals :

  • scientific program’s Consolidation or aggregation
  • beginning of high end orientation workshops
  • make more opportunities for research internships for those who are not having access to resources yet.

Abhyaas scheme :

  • In order to boost research and development in the country, Abhyaas scheme was begun. it is an initiative and having main components they are:
  • KARYASHALA- High-end workshops, 
  • VRITIKA- Research Internships.

ABout SERB –
Secretary – Prof Sandeep Verma
Headquarters – New Delhi
Founded – 2009

Accelerate Vigyan Scheme by SERB


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