8th India International Silk Fair


8th India International Silk Fair

On 31 January 2021, Smriti Irani has made inauguration of 8th edition of International Silk Fair on Virtual Portal.

  • It will be the biggest silk fair of India Where over 200 overseas buyers and representatives are being the part of this Fair with 100 renowned and big Indian companies.
  • it will run for five days.

Silk Production in India:

  • India is the 2nd largest producer of Silk after China.
  • India produces all the four major varieties of silk such as:
  1. Mulberry silk
  2. Eri silk
  3. Tassar silk
  4. Muga silk

Silk Production in World:

SilkProduced By
Tassar silkChina, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka
Eri silkChina, Japan, India
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